Asbestos is a natural mineral which was commonly used in homes, buildings and schools that were produced prior to 1987. Today, it is rarely used in Canada since prolonged exposure has proved to be a health hazard. When the fibres are released into the air anyone breathing the air is at risk. Exposure has been linked to lung scaring, cancer, mesothelioma and Asbestosis.

If you are uncertain or suspect that the products in your home or building contains asbestos (especially if your property was built prior to 1987), one of our Certified Inspectors should look at your home or building.

Sure Environmental provides safe Asbestos and Vermiculite Removal. 

We are certified and insured as an abatement company, providing you with the best solutions for all of your asbestos concerns.

Sure Environmental provides full containment under negative pressure, decontamination chambers, and showers that are vital in order to safeguard everyone in the successful removal process of asbestos fibres and vermiculite insulation removal.


Common area’s where asbestos can be found are in.

  • Plaster Walls & Ceilings

  • Ceiling Tiles

  • Vinyl Floor Tiles

  • Register Vents

  • Duct Wrap

  • Popcorn Ceiling

  • Attic & Basement Insulation

  • Pipe Insulation

  • Ducts & HVAC Systems

  • Roof Shingles