If you ever need boiler removal or boiler dismantling , it is very important to hire an expert to provide this service. Whether you have a large commercial boiler that needs to be removed or a small residential boiler at home, never attempt to perform this task on your own.


Some heating system boilers can be dangerous making the process of dismantling and removal, risky and complex.

Whether you own a hot water boiler, a steam boiler or a commercial heating system boiler, it’s never advised to perform the removal on your own. To start with, these systems are heavy and require adequate manpower for the removal to be safe, fast and effective.

The process of removing old boilers can be simple or complex depending on the type of system that is present in your property. If the boiler has asbestos, it needs to be removed with extra caution.


At Sure Environmental we have the necessary training and tools to provide boiler removal services that will ensure the process is done safely and without putting anyone within your home or business at risk.